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Violence begets violence

Roberto Henry Ebelt


Violence begets violence

Thought for the Day in which the Western Christian world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ:
"Violence begets violence".

Nevertheless, we must remember that even Jesus Christ, our Magnificent Paradigm, got extremely angry when the vendors in the Temple of Jerusalem transformed the Temple in something similar to the Brazilian National Congress, i.e., those people were working for their own benefit and not for the purposes of the institution.

When Jesus found those vendors negotiating in the Temple of Jerusalem, he did not hesitate to cast them out of the Temple and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers and the seats of them that sold doves (Mathews 21: 12) even by means of force.

Since that phony German philosopher, Karl Marx, launched the basis of political correctness, it seems that almost everybody has forgotten his or her duties. In my humble opinion (IMHO), the moment that the present Rulers of World – the United States of America – adopted what is now known as Political Correctness, they took their first step towards what can be described as the Beginning of the American Fall. If their leaders are clever (and most of them are), they will be able to revert such trend. And this is not an option. It is a must.

Should you ask me the reasons for making such assertion, I would answer that the only country able to substitute or succeed the USA as Ruler of the World, due to its scientific progress, due to its unacceptable, exaggerated, absurd number of inhabitants (almost the limit of the capacity of our planet to self-regenerate, its complete lack of respect to human rights and, last but not least, due to its complete disdain to what most western leaders [very naïve leaders] find extremely beautiful, namely, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

If American Democrat leaders do not start a serious war against political correctness, very soon, we will all be speaking a terribly difficult language for people who have as their native tongues, languages originated in Proto-Indo European. I am referring to Chinese Mandarin.

My motto for 2011 will be DOWN WITH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.
Down with NGO such as Greenpeace and similar ones. Even the self proclaimed uneducated man who calls himself "the squid" complained, last Wednesday, when inaugurating an incomplete segment of Highway 101, in Rio Grande do Sul, about the problems that our country faces due to green, leftist organizations that take all the time of the world to hinder (to hinder means to slow down) the building of the infrastructure that our country so desperately needs in order to avoid remaining in the 19th century forever.

Allow me to remind you that our beloved land is not a villain in respect to excess of population, one of the most important causes of the alleged global warming. Our land plays the part of the hero in this matter, because our land gives more to the world than the world gives us back. Our only problem is connected to the USSR communist debris (entulho) that allows our political dogs to be tied up with sausages and to live and legislate like emperors.

Do we (Western world peoples) have enemies? We sure do.
Can we pretend that they do not exist? Absolutely not.
Do we like Western values? I do. Most of us do. And as we have been living for many decades in a free country, whoever does not like western Christian values may emigrate to Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and perhaps China, Libya, The Gaza Strip, Iran, or Russia,

Speaking about Russia, we must never forget that it is a bellicose country the prime minister of which does not seem very happy now that we are absolutely sure that he, as Batman, exerts a great influence on his Robin, and they have already realized that the Defunct USSR was a paradise for the members of the Nomenklatura. So do not be surprised if the Invincible Duo provides us with a big surprise in the near future, by doing something like trying to take Russia back to the bosom of VLADIMIR ILYICH ULYANOV and IOSIF VISSARIONOVICH DZHUGASHVILI.

My point of view, in respect to this subject is clear: never trust a communist, except for Mikhail Gorbachev.

Americans are clever, is that right? Right, but not the Politically Correct Americans – they are stupid, but they are a minority. Take a look at the article below:

Across USA, Mosque Projects Meet Opposition
Mike Blake/Reuters
Published: August 7, 2010

While a high-profile battle rages over a mosque near ground zero in Manhattan, heated confrontations have also broken out in communities across the country where mosques are proposed for far less hallowed locations.

In Murfreesboro, Tenn., Republican candidates have denounced plans for a large Muslim center proposed near a subdivision, and hundreds of protesters have turned out for a march and a county meeting.

In late June, in Temecula, Calif., members of a local Tea Party group took dogs and picket signs to Friday prayers at a mosque that is seeking to build a new worship center on a vacant lot nearby.

In Sheboygan, Wis., a few Christian ministers led a noisy fight against a Muslim group that sought permission to open a mosque in a former health food store bought by a Muslim doctor.

At one time, neighbors who did not want mosques in their backyards said their concerns were over traffic, parking and noise — the same reasons they might object to a church or a synagogue. But now the gloves are off.

In all of the recent conflicts, opponents have said their problem is Islam itself. They quote passages from the Koran and argue that even the most Americanized Muslim secretly wants to replace the Constitution with Islamic Shariah law.

These local skirmishes make clear that there is now widespread debate about whether the best way to uphold America’s democratic values is to allow Muslims the same religious freedom enjoyed by other Americans, or to pull away the welcome mat from a faith seen as a singular threat.

“What’s different is the heat, the volume, the level of hostility,” said Ihsan Bagby, associate professor of Islamic studies at the University of Kentucky. “It’s one thing to oppose a mosque because traffic might increase, but it’s different when you say these mosques are going to be nurturing terrorist bombers, that Islam is invading, that civilization is being undermined by Muslims.”

Feeding the resistance is a growing cottage industry of authors and bloggers — some of them former Muslims — who are invited to speak at rallies, sell their books and testify in churches. Their message is that Islam is inherently violent and incompatible with America.
But they have not gone unanswered. In each community, interfaith groups led by Protestant ministers, Catholic priests, rabbis and clergy members of other faiths have defended the mosques. Often, they have been slower to organize than the mosque opponents, but their numbers have usually been larger.

The mosque proposed for the site near ground zero in Lower Manhattan cleared a final hurdle last week before the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission, and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg hailed the decision with a forceful speech on religious liberty. While an array of religious groups supported the project, opponents included the Anti-Defamation League, an influential Jewish group, and prominent Republicans like Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker.

A smaller controversy is occurring in Temecula, about 60 miles north of San Diego, involving a typical stew of religion, politics and anti-immigrant sentiment. A Muslim community has been there for about 12 years and expanded to 150 families who have outgrown their makeshift worship space in a warehouse, said Mahmoud Harmoush, the imam, a lecturer at California State University, San Bernardino. The group wants to build a 25,000-square-foot center, with space for classrooms and a playground, on a lot it bought in 2000.

Mr. Harmoush said the Muslim families had contributed to the local food bank, sent truckloads of supplies to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and participated in music nights and Thanksgiving events with the local interfaith council.

“We do all these activities and nobody notices,” he said. “Now that we have to build our center, everybody jumps to make it an issue".

In order to prevent people from saying that I haven't spoken about good things, here you have good news, despite the fact that the source is not trustable at all:

Bin Laden, terrorist big shot, and Islamic environmentalist:

"The number of victims caused by climatic changes is very great […] greater than the number of victims caused by war. Global warming is destroying the capacity os the Muslim People to feed themselves with their produce. This is a matter of life or death".

If there is one thing that can never be put out, it is the flame of HOPE inside our hearts. Now take a Valium and try to get some sleep.
Tonight, if you drink, don't drive. Merry Christmas.


Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS. And, most of all, do not forget whose birthday we will be celebrating tonight.

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