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If I were asked which the most significant year of my life was, I might very well say that it was 1964. In 1964, Brazil was definitely becoming a branch of USSR.
My father had left Germany in 1932. For him, it was like hell to live so near a terrible enemy like the USSR, and Brazil, with its tropical climate, very far from Stalin’s frozen paradise sounded like a dream to him. Besides that, the chances of Germany fall prey of the Communist paradise were very big, one of the reasons for Hitler, another madman, having repeated the formidable mistake of Napoleon.

You must add to that the fact that the biggest lie ever invented by one single man was produced by a German “philosopher”, a gigolo named Karl Marx, supported by another crazy German comrade, Friedrich Engels. Thus, Brazil was a good option for a 28-year-old guy. In fact, he wanted to emigrate to the USA, but the Brazilian consul in his hometown, Danzig, in Eastern Prussia, happened to be his friend and convinced him that Brazil was the best option for him. On the 16th of July 1932, Heinz Ebelt arrived in Rio de Janeiro, never to return to Europe.

Today I recognize that communists do not eat little children, they only kill them and their parents, whenever anyone disagrees to their points of view or their dogmas. Until the first non-completely stupid communist, Antonio Gr...(sorry, I refuse to soil my keyboard by writing the letters a, m, s, c, i after having typed G and R) killing their opposers was their natural way of acting. Just like King John Lackland, brother of Richard Coeur de Lion, in England, in the 13th century of the Christian era.

Antonio Gr… taught the communist dinosaurs that there was another way to take over the political power of a nation of naïve people.

The naivety of Jango Goulart was undeniable and his intentions were clear: to establish a communist beachhead in Brazil in one way or another. That did not happen for only one reason: The Brazilian Armed Forces

The ideas of Antonio Gr… arrived in Brazil only in the eighties with the foundation of PT, which, we must recognize, has been very successful in using the teachings of Gr…’s methods.

Anyway, thanks to the revolution that celebrated its 47th anniversary yesterday, I was able to live a significant part of my life under a democratic system in Brazil. Our problem nowadays, besides being of political nature (the left is back again) is essentially the establishment of a first class Kleptarchy.

Kleptocracy, alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, comes from Ancient Greek. It is a term applied to a government subject to control fraud that takes advantage of governmental corruption to extend the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class (collectively, kleptocrats), via the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population, sometimes without even the pretense of honest service. The term means "rule by thieves".

Kleptocracy is not an "official" form of government (such as democracy, republic, monarchy, theocracy). It is a pejorative term for governments perceived to have a particularly severe and systemic problem with the selfish misappropriation of public funds by those in power.

Control fraud occurs when a trusted person in a high responsible position in a company, corporation or state uses their powers to subvert the company and to engage in extensive fraud for personal gain.

The concept of control fraud is based on the observation that the CEO of a company is uniquely placed to remove the checks and balances on fraud within a company by selective hiring, and hence can position it to engage in routine accountancy fraud, and hence rob creditors and shareholders. The company will frequently publish accounts showing massive profits, whereas in reality it is insolvent. This will cause the stock to rise, and those exercising the control fraud will cash in their stocks. Additionally, companies can lobby for changes in the law to weaken regulation, and this can extend the fraud.

Control fraud can also occur in a political situation, for example by the leader of a country who can use their position to embezzle the government's and the peoples’ money by turning it into a kleptocracy.

Examples of control fraud include Enron, the Savings and loan crisis, and Ponzi schemes such as by Bernard Madoff.

Control fraud is a term coined by William K. Black; it is used to refer to the fraud or the person perpetrating the fraud.

But don’t get discouraged. Remember that THE LONGEST DAY HAS AN END, or THE LONGEST NIGHT WILL HAVE AN END (Não há mal que sempre dure, nem bem que nunca acabe).

Have, at least, LOVE AND PEACE OF MIND in the realm of your family.

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Roberto Henry Ebelt é professor, escritor, escreveu uma coluna semanal para o Jornal do Comércio de Porto Alegre entre 2001 e 2013, e é diretor do curso HENRY'S BUSINESS ENGLISH desde 1971.

Seu mais recente livro, O QUE VOCÊ DEVE SABER ANTES DE ESTUDAR INGLÊS, pode ser encontrado nas livrarias Disal, Cultura e SBS ou à rua Hoffmann, 728 em Porto Alegre.

E-mail: roberto@henrys.com.br
Fone (51) 3222-3144
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