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Muito me desagrada dedicar estes comentários a um sujeito que admiro muito por ser membro do GOP, um emigrante austríaco bem sucedido em Hollywood e excelente artista cinematográfico. Estou me referindo a Arnold Schwarzenegger, que, em um arroubo de esquerdismo inconseqüente, recentemente visitou o norte do Brasil, metendo-se em assuntos totalmente fora de suas competências. Não entendo como um Republicano americano se meteu nessa fria. Abraham Lincoln, o fundador do Grand Old Party deve ter se revirado em seu túmulo, pois o grandalhão veio buscar lã e saiu tosquiado.

O texto abaixo, não publicado pela grande media nacional apaixonada pelas idéias do gigolô de Friedrich Engels, o abominável barbudo alemão metido a filósofo, mais conhecido por Karl Marx, o homem que não sabia contar, só sabia DIVIDIR o que não lhe pertencia. Mais inconseqüente do que Herr Marx, cujo retrato ilustra este texto para o deleite de seus admiradores, e emporcalha, só mesmo os seus seguidores.

Karl Marx

Pois bem, Herr Schwarzenegger veio, sem ser convidado, dar seus palpites furados sobre problemas essencialmente de segurança nacional brasileira, falando sobre o que não sabia.
Chegou às minhas mãos, no entanto, a seguinte notícia:
De: "Ana" <ana_prudente>
Data: 25 de março de 2011 23h47min45s BRT
Assunto: (9) Guardiã da Espada entrega carta hoje

No dia de hoje, 25/03, a carta foi entregue. Os meios de comunicação repercutiram apenas os assuntos sobre Jirau e Belo Monte, motivo pelo qual os organizadores trouxeram personalidades estrangeiras. Sobre a carta, silêncio total.

Os macuxis, principalmente aqueles aculturados e que se posicionaram contra a demarcação, estão passando necessidades.
Por esta razão, não critico que eles tentem procurar o apoio no exterior, já que aqui no Brasil não conseguem.

Leiam a carta e vocês saberão que eles estão esquecidos pelo governo, forma de castigá-los por terem se colocado contra a expulsão dos brancos de dentro da reserva Raposa Serra do Sol.

Ana Prudente.


English version (of the) Letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the warrior.

American warrior, who lives in America as we (sis),

Millions grew up watching you win alone powerful gangs and unfair policies (sic) in your country. And now we can see you devoting your time and efforts to the cause of the Amazon. That's why we like you...

These actions inspire in us the desire to fight for what is right and fair.

We are happy and we salute you, because we are the peace, likes (sic) you.

The sword that Marshal Rondon left in Roraima represents friendship, unity and solidarity (and) never belligerence and intransigence ethnic.

Moreover, the presence among us of that great explorer marks the time when many of my people wore clothes for the first time and could protect themselves from cold and insect bites.

We lived in peace: Indians, mestizos, colonists and general travelers.
However, certain religious institutions (generally with foreign interests) decided deploy discord and racism in the name of God and Jesus Christ.

In the Indian land Raposa /Serra do Sol (Fox / Sierra Sunset) in Mission Surumu, Indians of my people have been indoctrinated to practice injustices in order to expel many Brazilian citizens who was (sic) living there

And, many times with the connivance of certain Brazilian institutions, they used the police to separate families in Indians and non-Indians, despising the ancestral relationship of kinship between Indians, riparian (sic) mestizos in general, not only in Roraima, but in all Brazil; using only the look of discrimination, without any scientific criteria for distinguishing non-Indian x Indian.

They destroyed marriages; they separated husbands from their wives and (from) their children, creating wounds that will never be healed, in a Dantesc gesture of inhumanity.

The God of the West preaches the love, the marriage, not the hatred, nor the separation of peoples... Therefore, we want to unite ourselves to you, great Warrior, for fight together against the coercive, injust and violent form with they (sic) demarcate indigenous lands limits only to meet the proposed goals and decided in forum like this here, without the free and informed priored (sic)
consulting of minority that, in quantitative terms they are are the Most, deprived of fundamental rights.

We are human, we are brothers, we are relatives. We have intelligence, emotion and own will.

Why impose a different and poor life to the Indians, if organizations ask for money during decades and perform covenants on behalf of end this misery and abandonment?

Behind this is the ambition, not the preservation of our cultures!
It is really impossible and inappropriate crave to preserve traditions they joining or grouping together different ethnicities only to justify the demarcation of bigger territory?

Is it coincidence the interest of foreign mining in these areas?
It would be a coincidence they were discussing the mineral exploration on indigenous lands and revising the status of the Indian?!

You, American Warrior was chosen to carry our message, in the hope that the Brazilian (sic) and foreign organizations reflect about what is imposed to indigenous peoples, the amazons in general and the country where live our compatriots (sic), from world events like this one.

Finally, great American Warrior Schwarzenegger, through these simple words, we would like to express our aspirations, saying that we want to enjoy the rights to life, liberty, equality, safety and property; develop good education, good health, good economics, good citizenship, good jobs; to have good food, good houses, good roads, good transport, reliable electricity and, citizen rights likes everybody who love to have development and freedon (sic). We want to enjoy fundamental and human rights, wich (sic) are guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution and the by various international instruments to which Brazil is a signatory.

Great American Warrior, we need and we trust in you...
Maybe you would be our agent to get fomentation to our necessities in these areas: Education, Alimentation Security, machines and equipments and financing a lot of our sustainable projects etc.

Raposa Serra do Sol, RR/Br, 24 March 2011.


Observation about the word (sic): Sic - generally inside square brackets, [sic], and occasionally parentheses / brackets, (sic) - when added just after a quote or reprinted text, indicates the passage appears exactly as in the original source. The usual purpose is to inform readers that any errors or apparent errors in the copied material are not from transcription—i.e. that they are reproduced exactly from the original writer or printer. Though occasionally misidentified as an abbreviation, sic is an English-language adverb (also a noun and verb that has its origins in Latin.

Be brave! There are things worse than communists, undercover communists and terrorists.

Have an excellent weekend.


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Roberto Henry Ebelt é professor, escritor, escreveu uma coluna semanal para o Jornal do Comércio de Porto Alegre entre 2001 e 2013, e é diretor do curso HENRY'S BUSINESS ENGLISH desde 1971.

Seu mais recente livro, O QUE VOCÊ DEVE SABER ANTES DE ESTUDAR INGLÊS, pode ser encontrado nas livrarias Disal, Cultura e SBS ou à rua Hoffmann, 728 em Porto Alegre.

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