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a. Adjective: (Anthropology) dark-skinned, black-skinned; of Black and dark-skinned African races.

b. Noun: member of a Black or dark-skinned African race (Anthropology); African-American

• As you can see the word NEGRO can be a noun (substantivo) or an adjective (adjetivo).

• As a noun, it has a plural form, namely NEGROES.

• As an adjective, it follows the rule: adjectives do not have a different form for the plural.

One particular subject that is very difficult and extremely dangerous (here you can go to jail for the miss usage of a word) to discuss in Brazil, and in the USA, is the word NEGRO and its usages.

The origin of the difficulty goes back to the nineteenth century, more specifically to Germany. Still more specifically to that gigolo supported by Friedrich Engels whose picture I gave you the displeasure to see in my last article. If you ask what the connection is, the answer is what is known as POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. In one of the following articles we will have the opportunity to discuss such abhorrent subject, as are all subjects related to socialism, communism, anarchism and the least harmful of them all (except for the Jewish people), Nazism, all fruits of the same tree.

We must not forget that Nazism stands for National SOCIALIST Party, and wherever you find traces of SOCIALIST IDEAS, you will end up in trouble, except for a very few number of aspects, such as HEALTH, because of its soaring costs and the importance of human life.

Anyway, today’s subject is the word NEGRO.

I shall start with a most intriguing question that I have been asked several times in the last few months.

1. IF the king of soccer is a negro:

2. IF the most powerful politician in the world is a Negro:

3. IF the leader of the G.O.P (Grand Old Party – The rightist Republican Party in the USA) is a Negro:

4. IF the richest and most influent woman in the American media is a Negro:

5. IF the best golf player of all times is a Negro:

6. IF the best tennis players in the world are both Negroes.

7. IF the most popular actor in the world is also Negro:


8. IF the fastest racecar pilot is a Negro:

9. IF the most intelligent astrophysicist in the world is a Negro:

10. IF the most successful brain surgeon in the world is a Negro:

11. IF the fastest runner in the world is a negro:


You do not have to explain it to me. I know the answers. They are wrong answers. I just wanted to understand, as Jô Soares would say.

The moment African Americans (that includes African South Americans) understand how important they are to the whole society, they probably will not feel ashamed to be referred to by the color of their skin. Do you mind being referred to by the color of your hair?

Do you mind being referred to by the color of your eyes?

Why should African Americans be offended when they are referred to by the color of their skin? We must not forget that, as much as
Let us all think about the importance of the Negroes in our society.

Probably I will not have the opportunity to be with you next Friday because it will be GOOD FRIDAY.

Notice that in English we refer to it as GOOD FRIDAY while in Brazil we refer to it as SEXTA-FEIRA SANTA.


MAUNDY: The noun MAUNDY refers to the ceremony in which Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.

It is also the name given to the ritual of washing the feet on Thursday during the Holy Week (in memory of the Last Supper of Jesus and the washing of the Disciples' feet on that day - in Christianity)

I hope you have a nice holiday weekend (holiday weekend = feriadão). I imagine that, as good Christians, which you probably are (most Brazilians were born Christians and will never become either Muslims – (I, myself, have repugnancy in respect to Islamism) – or Buddhists (I deeply admire Buddhists), you will go to church on Holy Saturday and will stay quietly at home on Good Friday, meditating about the passion of Christ. I also imagine that this holiday weekend will be a good opportunity for ALL CHRISTIANS to establish in the minds of their children the wrong connection between Easter eggs/bunnies/toys and the phenomenon known as resurrection.

I wish you a Happy Easter. May our Deities bless us all with PEACE OF MIND, LOVE, HEALTH AND WEALTH.



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Roberto Henry Ebelt é professor, escritor, escreveu uma coluna semanal para o Jornal do Comércio de Porto Alegre entre 2001 e 2013, e é diretor do curso HENRY'S BUSINESS ENGLISH desde 1971.

Seu mais recente livro, O QUE VOCÊ DEVE SABER ANTES DE ESTUDAR INGLÊS, pode ser encontrado nas livrarias Disal, Cultura e SBS ou à rua Hoffmann, 728 em Porto Alegre.

E-mail: roberto@henrys.com.br
Fone (51) 3222-3144
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