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Bad Business Practice # 4:

Roberto Henry Ebelt


Bad Business Practice # 4:

Antes de apresentar a BAD BUSSINESS PRACTICE #4, lembremos os assuntos das primeiras três:


Surprising your client by adding unexpected expenses or fees to his bill.

BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE #2: to be a slow payer.

Don't pay bills until they are at least 90 days old.

BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE #3:  Keep employees in fear of losing their jobs. 

A quarta prática que prejudica os nossos negócios é:

BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE #4 Don't worry about keeping your commitments. 

You probably know people who make promises and then don't think anything about breaking them.  That will turn out in bad news for anyone who acts this way.

BETTER: Keep your promises. Unreliable people aren't good friends – and they don't make good businessmen/businesswomen nor professionals. If you are not responsible, people will not trust you and that may be the end of your way of earning your living. And if clients, patients and users of your services cannot depend on you to keep small commitments, do you really think they'll trust you when the stakes are high? 

Stay true to your commitments* and everybody wins.


Do not get confused with the words COMMITMENT and COMPROMISE.

COMPROMISE = settling of a disagreement by making mutual concessions. Also: COMPROMETER no sentido de “criar problemas, prejudicar”.

Have an excellent weekend.

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Roberto Henry Ebelt é professor, escritor, escreveu uma coluna semanal para o Jornal do Comércio de Porto Alegre entre 2001 e 2013, e é diretor do curso HENRY'S BUSINESS ENGLISH desde 1971.

Seu mais recente livro, O QUE VOCÊ DEVE SABER ANTES DE ESTUDAR INGLÊS, pode ser encontrado nas livrarias Disal, Cultura e SBS ou à rua Hoffmann, 728 em Porto Alegre.

E-mail: roberto@henrys.com.br
Fone (51) 3222-3144
Página no Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/henrysbusinessnglish/?pnref=lhc

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