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POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, a praga que infesta os EUA há muitos anos e que já se instalou no Brasil.

Roberto Henry Ebelt


POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, a praga que infesta os EUA há muitos anos e que já se instalou no Brasil.

De onde saiu este conjunto de ideias que infesta o pensamento americano e já está nos destruindo também? A organização denominada ACCURACY IN ACADEMIA, um é think tank conservador que nos dá uma ideia sobre as origens deste conjunto de ideias esquerdistas. Veja o que a Wikipedia diz a respeito:

AIA is a nonprofit watchdog group, and think tank that describes itself as "wanting schools to return to their traditional mission - the quest for truth". The AIA promotes academic freedom and is particularly critical of what it describes as a left-wing bias in American academia. The AIA characterizes such bias as liberal or communist "indoctrination", and aims to stand up for the rights of politically conservative students and faculty.

LIBERAL: este adjetivo, que no Brasil descreve uma pessoa ou partido com viés direitista, em inglês descreve justamente o contrário.

In English, the word LIBERAL indicates a person with a distinct leftist bias (Democrats, Hillary and Obobama, for example).

WATCHDOG GROUP or JOURNALISM: Watchdog journalism informs the public about goings-on in institutions and society, especially in circumstances where a significant portion of the public would demand changes in response.

Vejamos o que um dos expoentes de ACCURACY IN ACADEMIA nos ensina através da leitura de um de seus discursos:

Where does all this stuff  that you’ve heard about this morning – the victim feminism, the gay rights movement,  the invented statistics, the rewritten history, the lies, the demands, all the rest of it – where does it come from?

For the first time in our history, Americans have to be fearful of what they say, of what they write, and of what they think. They have to be afraid of using the wrong word, a word denounced as offensive or insensitive, or racist, sexist, or homophobic.

We have seen other countries, particularly in this century, where this has been the case. And we have always regarded them with a mixture of pity, and to be truthful, some amusement, because it has struck us as so strange that people would allow a situation to develop where they would be afraid of what words they used. But we now have this situation in this country. We have it primarily on college campuses, but it is spreading throughout the whole society. Where does it come from? What is it?

We call it "Political Correctness." The name originated as something of a joke, literally in a comic strip, and we tend still to think of it as only half-serious. In fact, it is deadly serious. It is the great disease of our century (this speech was fist given in the last century). The disease that has left tens of millions of people dead in Europe, in Russia, in China, indeed around the world. It is the disease of ideology. PC is not funny. PC is deadly serious.

Observe que PC em português é Partido Comunista e em inglês é Political Correctness.

If we look at it analytically, if we look at it historically, we quickly find out exactly what it is. Political Correctness is cultural Marxism. It is Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. It is an effort that goes back not to the 1960s and the hippies and the peace movement, but back to World War I. If we compare the basic tenets (= principles) of Political Correctness with classical Marxism, the parallels are very obvious.

First of all, both are totalitarian ideologies. The totalitarian nature of Political Correctness is revealed nowhere more clearly than on college campuses, many of which, at this point, are small ivy covered North Koreas, where the student or faculty member who dares to cross any of the lines set up by the gender feminist or the homosexual-rights activists, or the local black or Hispanic group, or any of the other sainted "victims" groups that PC revolves around, quickly find themselves in judicial trouble. Within the small legal system of the college, they face formal charges and punishment. That is a little look into the future that Political Correctness intends for the nation as a whole.

Ivy covered North Koreas: a expressão joga com o nome pelo qual são conhecidas 8 das mais famosas universidades americanas. IVY significa TREPADEIRA. Veja abaixo a bela foto de uma IVY COVERED CHURCH in Pelotas:

Pois bem, as universidades da IVY LEAGUE ficam todas no nordeste dos EUA, a maioria na região conhecida com New England. São:

The Ivy League is a collegiate athletic conference comprising sports teams from eight private institutions of higher education in the Northeastern United States. The name is also commonly used to refer to those eight schools as a group beyond the sports context. The eight institutions are

  1. Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
  2. Columbia University, New York City, New York
  3. Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  4. Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire.
  5. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  6. The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  7. Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, and
  8. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

The term Ivy League has connotations of academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and social elitism.

Com a expressão IVY LEAGUE NORTH KOREAS, o autor transmite a ideia de que a Correção Política reina soberanamente nestas oito instituições.


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